Valgarda markets its products / services with the formula of the free loan *, providing for the installation of equipment, supply of products and ensuring timely technical support and free throughout the national territory. This type of sale will enable the customer to limit their spending to only purchasing of the product without causing any cost associated with the equipment.
(to the achievement of minimum quantities of purchased product)


Valgarda Breakfast is able to provide through its sellers counseling as personalized as possible, based on the specific needs and characteristics of each customer. A sales-approach oriented to listen and to identify customer needs and provide, then, one or more solutions, while respecting the needs of everyone.

For Valgarda … the customer first!


To ensure standards for more efficient intervention, Valgarda offers its customers a free technical support geolocalized, allowing you to take prompt action on faults or malfunctions through a computerized control equipment and related technical work.

Having received the notification of the fault by the customer, through a dedicated software you can send communication on the nearest technician handheld, as well as to enter, track and store the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations performed on the device, with the possibility of sending customer reporting on the assistance carried out. Alternatively, you can directly view the history of the interventions made by logging in the reserved area for customers.


Free delivery and installation throughout Italy.

Valgarda delives and makes the first equipment installation directly at the customer’s facility, at no extra charge.

Successive products reorder deliveries will be carried out directly or with the assistance of qualified and reliable partner among the express courier companies, industry leaders.


Valgarda offers to its customers a private area where you can see user manuals, product data sheets and certification documents.

By accessing this area it is also possible to search for outstanding service performed on their equipment.

Access is granted upon credentials request to:

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