PopCake® Machine

Valgarda is pleased to offer with the sole right of sell in Italy, the POPCAKE MACHINE ® the only machine in the world for the preparation of hot and fragrant instantaneous pancakes in the breakfast hall.

Your guests, by pressing the “OK” button on the front of the machine will have a chance to see THE REAL PANCAKES while borning, cooking and then baking.

Decide yourself the size of each pancake and the number of pieces to be cooked each time the OK button is pressed, so you will always monitor the consumption.

You can also set up POP MACHINE CAKE® in hotellerie mode (served), keep it in the back-office and ensure that produces a preset quantity of pancakes ready to be displayed on the buffet still smoldering.Unlike traditional fried pancakes, the patented cooking technology POPCAKE® creates a cake with only 3% fat, while retaining all the flavor and texture of traditional cake.


Cruise ships, Equipment, Holiday Villages, Hotels

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