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Created by the bees, the honeycomb is full of honey and comes directly from the hive.

Presented on a stainless-steel display, the honeycomb proposed by Valgarda Breakfast allows your guests to appreciate the authenticity of the product, living a unique experience of pure taste/pleasure.

Each customer can take the desired quantity using a spoon; taste the honey contained in the piece of honeycomb taken and can chew the beeswax containing all the nutritional and healing properties of propolis.

Honey comes from the honeycomb and drips from the display.

Once the honeycomb is cut by the special steel cables that pass within, the honey begins to flow and ends up collected in a small bowl positioned under the display.
You can decide to regulate the flow of honey by cutting the honeycomb in one or more points.
The display allows a total consumption of the product, without residues and waste.

Supply is guaranteed all year round.

Available honeycombs with 1 or 3 kg of product approximately

CAN BE USED WITH Display Honeycomb