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Having its modern and elegant design, exquisitely Made in Italy, Gemma® has been created to dispense jams of various flavors, hazelnut cream (without palm oil), acacia honey and maple syrup, available in practical bottles of over 1 kg. All this with just one easy movement by simply lowering a lever.

The only machine in the world for the express preparation of hot and fragrant pancakes directly in your breakfast room. By pressing the “OK” button or just waving in front of the machine, you’ll see the whole cooking process of A REAL PANCAKE.

The amazement of your guests in front of this wonder of nature will be surprising, just like the feeling that comes after they taste it. Everyone will be able to decide whether to try the experience of taking a small portion of “newly born” honey or tasting a piece directly from the honeycomb.

The equipment for your buffet with free on loan formula

Valgarda Breakfast supports the tourist and hotel facilities who wish to valorize their buffet breakfast service by offering them some innovative solutions, tailored upon the specific requirements.

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We also supply our delicious products for breakfast along with the equipment offered free on loan: juices, jams, honey, pancakes and more.
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