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Valgarda’s piping hot pancakes can be topped with our jam, chocolate hazelnut spread and honey. For a traditional American breakfast, try our maple syrup drizzled over a stack pancakes.

Popcake® pancake machines use proprietary Popcake® pancake mix which comes in 730gm double-lined bags. The operator simply adds water to the bag and shakes the bag to prepare the mix. The prepared bag is then placed into the machine, and you’re ready to go. It’s that simple. A guest can then simply wave their hand (contact-free operation) to make a stack of preset pancakes.

Dry mix must be stored at room temperature and has a shelf-life of 15 months. Once water is added, the batter should be used within 8 hours.


  • Robust and shock-resistant
  • They have a certified HACCP valve that ensures product freshness and prevents bacterial contamination
  • Specifically designed for the POPCAKE® MACHINE
  • Zero waste

CAN BE USED WITH Popcake machine