PopCake® Machine

Valgarda is pleased to introduce itself as the Master Distributor for the POPCAKE® SYSTEM in Europe. Popcake® is “the world’s first automatic pancake-making machine specifically designed for the commercial foodservice industry” and makes piping hot fresh pancakes at the single press of a button. It is ideal as a stand-alone self-serve unit on hotel buffets but is also equally at home behind the scenes for use in catering, airport lounges and cafes.

The machine is operated by robust yet simple software allowing the foodservice operator to adjust pancake size; pancake colour and pancake stack-size quantity.

Popcake® pancake machines use proprietary Popcake® pancake mix, which comes in 730gm double-lined bags. The operator simply adds water to the bag and shakes the bag to prepare the mix. The prepared bag is then placed into the machine, and you’re ready to go. It’s that simple. A guest can then simply wave their hand (contact-free operation) to make a stack of preset pancakes. A perfect solution for the buffet when used alongside our jams, chocolate hazelnut spread, honey, and maple syrup.


The new contactless POPCAKE® MACHINE is now available. Thanks to the Touch Free technology, now is possible to have perfect pancake portions with simple hand-waving. Hygiene and safety are always ensured!

You can activate the cooking process with simple hand-waving on the touchless sensor. Your pancakes will be ready in a matter of seconds.

You can have the Touch Free kit installed onto your machine through our qualified technicians, and your POPCAKE® MACHINE will get a new and very long life.

THE POPCAKE WARMER TURNTABLE with plexiglass droplet protection

This amazing new addition is specifically designed to fit perfectly alongside the Popcake® Machine. Thanks to its special warming bulb, pancakes are kept warm for up to 20-25 minutes and always ready for guests on its rotating turntable. The Warmer Turntable reduces queues and waiting times while increasing guest satisfaction.

It is equipped with a plexiglass droplet protection for perfect hygiene, making the pancake station perfect for any environment.


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